I love taking long walks, try to impress her: once I walked up to Mordor Sam Lord of the Rings
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Having to go to vet is pretty rough, huh? My health and well-being is not a joke, Sharon! dog visiting vet
911 dog emergency: my owner has been gone for 0.2 seconds, have you tried eating the couch?
Guy: I have 1 million dollars in bitcoins. Girl: wow, wanna buy us some drinks? Guy: oh no, I don’t have any real money
Girl: our relationship is over. Me: our relationship is what? Over.
Do you ever get a message and you just stare at it for a while and take a deep breath and think “what the actual fuck am I supposed to reply to that”?
When she stays online 4 hours after saying good night Cristiano Ronaldo
Can you hangout? No, it’s my dogs birthday. Lol what? Dog celebrating picture