Cristiano Ronaldo with his son: dad, I’m tired of taking care of my brother. Look son, 230 kg in leg extension, I’m a god, I’m hungry dad, I’m handsome
Steve Jobs to Bill Gates: Windows sucks, Bill Gates replies with iOS hack sign
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BAE: come over, I can’t right now, I’m facing an ethical dilemma. My entire family isn’t home, I know. About to kill them
Lady: who is the world’s cutest lamp? Cat who is the world’s loneliest alcoholic? Lady: wow. Cat: yeah, hurt’s doesn’t it?
Interviewer: any experience operating heavy machinery? Guy: does your mom count? Interviewer: lmao you’re hired
It’s okay Abby *baby oo God here we go… Typo misspelling misspelled messenger conversation fail
Sure Abby *baby oh boy here we go misspelled typo
Don’t ignore me I sucked your d girlfriend calling her boyfriend