Paying at a store just ring it up please, ok so your change is $420,69, omg will you marry me?
Parrots: bro close your eyes, okay bro, what do you see? Nothing bro. Thats my life without you bro
Do you believe in God? Yes. And unicorns? No. Why? Because I never seen one
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Girl: my parents aren’t home. Guy: don’t worry, they’ll come back
Sapnu puas huh flip your phone send nudes mind blown
Grandpa: so who did you vote for? Grandma: what day is it? Grandpa: who are you? Grandma: me too. Conversation fail
Is it the weekend yet? Asked Pooh. It’s only Wednesday said Piglet. Fck said Pooh
So what’s your zodiac sign? Dinosaur. But that one doesn’t even exist. None of them exist