When she stays online 4 hours after saying good night Cristiano Ronaldo
Are you an Angel? I have a boyfriend written and directed by George Lucas
Her: haha you’re so short, him: haha you’re so fat, her: shocked suprised Pikachu
I wish I was 80s David Bowie, aw wish I was 2018 David Bowie
Can you hangout? No, it’s my dogs birthday. Lol what? Dog celebrating picture
Friend before date: act like you don’t care. Her: my dad died when I was 15. Me: who gives a shit
Stewardess: would you also like some headphones? Guy: absolutely and how did you now my name was phones?
Would you wanna go out or something? Hell no Mike, you’re ugly. At least I have a good heart, I don’t need a transplant