When your drunk AF and someone is trying to have a deep conversation with you
Let’s hear a joke: “woman rights”. Tinder conversation feminist
This is his GF, who are you? Why are you texting him? I’m the girl that can make any girl go from GF to EX real quick, how was my brother’s flight?
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Interviewer: so what have you planned for the future? Me: lunch. No, like long term. Oh, dinner.
Therapist: what’s wrong? He’s insane, he shows his muscles to avoid problems. You know what else is insane? *starts unbuttoning shirt*
Are you mad or something? No. Sector is clear, I just think it’s funny how… Not clear, not clear! Star Wars messenger conversation
It’s the police, what do you want, we just wanna talk, how many of you are there, four, then talk to each other
Trying to make plans in the group chat is like multi level rubik’s cube