White couple with black kid, dog saying: you need to start asking questions Dave
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When you get to your first day of school and you can’t find your class or your locker or friends lost dog at school
The world’s oldest dog passed away at the age of 30 RIP Maggie
People who are offended when I breastfeed in public need to STFU, what I’m doing is natural and strenghtens the bond between me and my dog
You’re gonna hate yourself in the morning if you stay up late. Jokes on you I’m gonna hate myself in the morning no matter what. Tired dog
Took my dog to a bonfire and as he sat there staring at it blankly I realized he loves sticks, I was burning a giant pile of his toys
Dog on a hammock fail
Transformation following 30 days of love: starved dog after he was taken care of photo comparison