Keanu Reeves just existing, the entire internet looking at him loves him
12-year-old me vs the internet: blue waffle, octopus girl, gore, my eyes hurt
When you see people online who like the same stuff as you but you don’t know how to initiate a friendship
When you laugh at a dumb meme and your partner asks what’s funny but it’s a tier 3 meme and you gotta explain 7 years of internet to tell the nuances
We ain’t blind trap card use this card when some dumb-ass OP instert a red circle for no reason
What would happen if we hit this thing with a missle? All the muslims would spin around on their prayer mats like a broken compass. The Kaaba Black Stone Mecca 4chan
Been chatting with cute 14 year old girl, really flirty and sexy, now she tells me she’s an undercover cop, how cool is that for someone her age 4chan
For a million dollars would you live here for 1 year without TV and internet? Wilderness house