When your teacher asks where your homework is and you start looking in your bag knowing full well you didn’t do it
Why the hell would you take engineering courses if you know they’re hard? Too young, too dumb to realize
How relationships work: she does something stupid, he gets mad, she gets mad, he apologises graph
You’re gonna hate yourself in the morning if you stay up late. Jokes on you I’m gonna hate myself in the morning no matter what. Tired dog
Choose a degree in something you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life because that field probably isn’t hiring
95% percent of the time when I’m smiling at my phone it’s because of something I’ve said, not something someone else sent me. I’m hilarious
Girl googling how long does a baseball game lasts on a stadium
When you hit snooze 80 times and now you’ve got 3 minutes to leave the house sad man