If I paint my PC black will it run faster or stop working?
Me as an introvert after a phone call tired exhausted Spongebob
How to protect your watermelon farm: white kkk scarecrow
Me: I can’t understand this chapter, teacher: what’s hard? Me: my dck
This is Emmanuel Emenike he divorced with Miss Nigeria 2013 and last week he married Miss Nigeria 2014
Liverpool wins Champions League pope dies 1981, 2005, 2018. Ramos: sorry Salah I’ve got a pope to save
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When you’re playing pool and want to look like you have any idea what the fck youre doing using chalk snooker pool button meme
Easter egg: Han Solo from “Solo a Star Wars story” is actually Han Solo from the original Star Wars. You can tell because they have the same pet dog Chewbacca