Oh you’re not home at 1 PM we’ll try again tomorrow at 1 PM typical UPS courier
I am a freethinker, I am an individual therefore I do not believe in silly archaic doctrines or follow established religion like the mindless sheep you all are. I am intellectually superior
Father: you don’t have a house, a car, or a job. What can you offer my daughter? Me: bags of memes
What haircut do you want lady? I need to defeat Frieza
Why did Elon Musk chose SpaceX to land on Mars? Because if he chose SpaceY he would land on 14 year old boys
Who else remembers having to blow these as a kid? Kevin Spacey cartridges
If two gay black men get married and adopt a baby which father is supposed to abandon the family?
The girl you like her father, brother, ex, you. Clowns Ronald McDonald