Blind man desert island has 2 blue 2 red pills have to take exactly 1 blue and one red how to do it

Blind man desert island has 2 blue 2 red pills have to take exactly 1 blue and one red how to do it

The image from Starecat showcases a thought-provoking scenario: a blind man stranded on a desert island with two blue and two red pills. He must take exactly one blue and one red pill. The visual riddle encapsulates the challenges of decision-making under constraints. In the vast realm of the internet, such images serve as a testament to the human mind’s ability to create puzzles that engage and challenge our cognitive abilities. The contrasting colors of the pills, set against the backdrop of a barren island, symbolize the stark choices we often face in life. Such images not only entertain but also stimulate deep introspection about choices, consequences, and the human condition. Websites and blogs can leverage this image to engage audiences, prompting discussions on problem-solving, decision-making, and the philosophical aspects of life’s dilemmas. Perfect for SEO-driven content, this image is a blend of mystery, challenge, and reflection.

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9 comments to “Blind man desert island has 2 blue 2 red pills have to take exactly 1 blue and one red how to do it”?

  1. I see four ways:
    1. He lays out the four pills. He then collapses a quantum superposition to determine two of the four. Due to the branching of the wavefunction, there will always be some branches of the wave function in which he lives, and thus he will not die.
    2. He could train dogs to sniff the coloured chemical in each pill and have the dogs dictate to him which pill he should eat for a treat.
    3. He could program a genetic learning algorithm from various coloured imputs to identify red from blue from a camera, then use the artificial intelligence to determine which pills are red and which are blue.
    4. He could do research on the biological processes of the eye, use his highly scientific equipment to experiment on vision-restoring procedures, and eventually use them on himself restore his vision, thus allowing him to see the colour himself and taking the correct pills.

  2. pills are normally marked or indented with lettering for this very reason. . .problem solved.

  3. Break each pill by the middle. For each pill, eat one half and keep aside the other half. By the end, he would’ve consumed one whole red pill and one whole blue pill.
    1/2R + 1/2B +1/2R+ 1/2B = 1R + 1B

  4. Leave them in the sun. The red one will absorb the sun rays more than the blue so will feel hotter. Take 1 hot pill and 1 colder pill.

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