Re-doing high fives because it was a bad one
Girl with weird eyes, how are you talking about normal when your eyes don’t share the same postcode
When all the shitty humans in your life screw you over your dog will still be there wagging it’s tail when it sees you that’s real love mate
Growing up with siblings taking the TV remote in the kitchen with you while you get food so that they can’t turn the channel
I live in constant fear that Trump will deport my latina mother-in-law, who lives at blue house. She gets off to work at 6
I’m at the age where people are asking: so what are you doing with your life? and I’m like: mate I am genuinely just here for a laugh
I’m naturally funny cause my whole life is a joke Pakalu Papito
I just ended a 5 year relationship are you okay it’s ok it wasn’t my relationship