So the UK has voted leave. What does that mean then? Pack your bags mate. Twitter
Canada has had 8 mass shootings in 20 years, the US had 7 since Monday
That moment inbetween Netflix episodes when you see your reflection on the black screen and wonder what are you doing with your life. Pakalu Papito
Donald Trump: Hillary claims guns don’t keep us safe yet, she’s guarded by dozens of armed agents
Trump wants to ban muslims but if we learned anything from prohibition its that people will just make muslims in their bathtubs
If the FBI needs to get into someone’s iPhone without permission they should just call U2 and ask how they did it
2016 Trump won’t win, 2017 President Trump can’t do that, can he? 2018 You watching the hunger games tonight? I hope my district wins
Picking a president to vote for this term is like picking the STD that I’d be the most okay with having