Soldier returns from a 3 year mission and finally meets his 2 months old baby
Using phone in 1995 wire compared to 2016 charger
When a piece of armor doesn’t match your current set but it’s stats are too good to pass up Hello Kitty shield pink
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When you try using your fake ID for the first time dog pug seal
Whoops I forgot to do everything I was supposed to do today
Dog hates when you blow in his face, sticks head out car window while on the highway
Man throws beer bottle at bartender when she changes Black Sabbath to Christmas music
4 simple rules for eating a banana: never close your eyes, never make eye contact, fast bites, small bites
When your father starts forcing his healthy lifestyle on you. Cristiano Ronaldo son kid
People say drinking milk makes you stronger. 5 glasses of milk can’t move a wall, 5 glasses of vodka the wall moves alone