Me: mom, my legs hurt. Mom: cause you’re always on that damn phone
How do people have self control when it comes to biscuits and just eat one or two, like if the packs infront of me I’ll just eat them all
Amiga Workbench your free Windows 10 upgrade is here install now popup
When you Google mild headache and that shit try to tell you you’ve got brain cancer crying
Just told a guy talking on his phone in the library to shut up and everyone applauded me so i told them to shut up too
Astronaut in Tesla roadster flying into WTC World Trade Center Falcon Heavy test flight SpaceX
Ree this is sexist, stop exploring space less than 1% percent women in the crowd for the Falcon Heavy test flight SpaceX
1958: I bet in the future they will have flying cars, 2018: astronaut in Tesla Roadster Falcon Heavy test flight SpaceX