When you’re Ubisoft and haven’t made an Assassin’s Creed game in 5 minutes
When I get a blocked nose I fully sit and think about times then my nose wasn’t blocked and how I took it for granted
People on snapchat: snorting cocaine, people on facebook: super polite
Woman taken to hospital, policeman stayed to prepare dinner for kids and also did the dishes Eindhoven, Netherlands
Lesson: don’t lose your pen. Equations chain reaction
Mondays aren’t so bad it’s your job that sucks
Not all men just want sex, some men just want to go on walks and talk about how taxation is theft
When you know you’re not made for University but you keep trying anyway Pokemon fail
When you say you’re going to take an hour nap and wake up 10 hours later messed up dog
Stay with the one who treats you as the prince you are. Girl carrying a guy through water