Happy endings, there are no happy endings, life is an uninterrupted series of humuliating failures Pinky and the Brain
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Saying do I smell popcorn right after you fart so everybody takes a deep breath trolling
Just because you’re trash doesn’t mean you can’t do great things. It is called garbage can not garbage cannot
When mum says she hasn’t sat down all day but we all know she has
What you believe to be true is it true or do you just believe that it is true because you were taught so and never looked any further?
Ree this is sexist, stop exploring space less than 1% percent women in the crowd for the Falcon Heavy test flight SpaceX
1958: I bet in the future they will have flying cars, 2018: astronaut in Tesla Roadster Falcon Heavy test flight SpaceX
You’re not hungry, you’re just bored. Repeating in front of a mirror