This is what those dating apps are like for girls. Cat with tons of hotdogs
If men think with the wrong head do women talk with the wrong lips?
How do you confuse a feminist? Tell her that you refuse to allow her to make you a sandwich
In Africa we don’t give men power because if you give them that chance they will spoil it. And that’s why you have malaria and I have pizza
Girl echo hello OK, wow I have a boyfriend bye
Donald Trump: why are there no feminists in Japan? Because the Japanese hunt whales
Know the work rules aprropriate vs inapropriate looking good Susan
Painting your nails just girly things
She: does he still love me? Who is he seeing? What happened to our relationship? He: thinking about custom loop hardware gaming
What girls look for in a guy: 1. brown eyes, 2. messy hair, 3.cute nose, 4. four paws, 5. Golden Retriever