First day on the job as a drug dealer: *giggles* we don’t have Coke is Pepsi ok? *gets stabbed*
Barber: what do you want? Do you know that moment when you pour the milk into your tea? Say no more
Outting cucumbers in your water won’t offset the fact that you chugged 8 vodka sprites in under 30 minutes last night Susan Kermit the frog
You don’t know how to buy a lady a drink, I do so dad, can I buy you a drink? OK, on ebay fail comic
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My will to live isded is dead Pepsi can upside down
Me: I’m not drinking tonight, 4 hours later: fallen off the stairs
When eating something unhealthy: if I drink a lot of water I’ll be ok
Congrats Amy Winehouse on being 3 years sober and drug free