You all too old to be talking about April Fools day it’s April 1st hope you all got that money rent
I don’t always tell people I’m gay but when I do I do it on April Fools day
The best Pokemon name in the world: “oh shit he”
Left 4 Dead vs Left 4 Dead Italian Edition hand meme
Democracy how it works: you may have fancy education and high IQ but the rest of us say we all jump into this lake of hot lava
How Italians write hand meme
How Germans write nazi salute hand meme
Doing your taxes on April Fools day seems like a perfectly legitimate way to defraud the government
What if April Fools day doesn’t exsist and it’s been the longest prank in history? funny image
April fools day is way too predictable, I pick my own random month and day and you’ll never see that coming