When the girl you bought a drink for starts dancing with another guy drinking her drink
When your drunk AF and someone is trying to have a deep conversation with you
At the end, when your legs are tired and your arms are giving out get angry that you are tired, then hit it harder. Drinking alcohol quote
When you feel like quiting think about why you started. Alcohol quote
Don’t stop until you’re proud. Drinking alcohol tip
Now this is some shit that qualifies for a Nobel Prize award. Ice that fits plastic bottles
Morning instructions list: 1. wake up, 2. wish you were dead, 3. drink some coffee, 4. wish someone else was dead
Beer vodka wine graph. Czech Republic intersection
Spiderman cup with straw sticking out. It ain’t gonna suck itself
Sporty cork mounted on bottle of wine, and this is why I believe I should be the next president of the USA