Legend says when you can’t sleep at night it’s because you’re awake in someone else’s dream. So if everyone could stop dreaming about me that’d be great
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How screwed up would it be if the last sentence of the last Harry Potter book was “and then Harry woke up back in his bed under the staircase”
Hero dog dies of exhaustion after rescuing 7 people from earthquake in Ecuador story
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An old man (82) has been arrested in the Northside of Cork city for pointing his Sky remote into strangers houses and turning on Babestation
Larry made fun of me when I quit smoking but then he had a stroke and the laughing stopped
Wife and dog kidnapped by ninjas need money for kung-fu lessons. I really want that dog back. Homeless man creative text
This restue cat’s broken jaw got fixed by some good humans turning it into a gorgeous smile cute
When you wake up from an amazing dream and try to get back to sleep for the sequel