You won’t have to text back if you don’t open the message protip lifehack
Don’t get me anything for Christmas, you’re all I need. It’s a trap
Your framerate won’t drop if you play on lowest settings. Protip lifehack huge pixels
You can’t get rejected if you don’t tell the person you like them. Protip lifehack
Everyone loves our site, right? How about we change everything
You won’t be single for Valentine’s day if you hang yourself the day before protip lifehack
How do I hide that I’m high? Simple, I stay high all the time, so people just think that’s me normally
Good way to get to know your date woman: ask about her first pet, favourite movie, mom’s maiden name. Then login and read all their shit
Fitness tip: never stop pushing yourself! 8 hours of sleep is enough? why stop there? why not 9? why not 10? strive for greatness! burn your ex’s house down I believe in you
Learning math elements basics with LEGO