Share a Coke with Whitney, I think she’s had enough
The floor is refugees Germany lying down, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia not touching floor
Newborn baby looking like Vin Diesel lookalike
A baby is never a suprise or mistake, you had sex without a condom, what did you expect? A plasma TV?
1998: don’t get into strangers’ cars, don’t meet people from the internet. 2017: literally summon strangers from the internet to get into their car
Blinky thing means turning truck quote
Woman equals problems
How to ground your child in 2017 fidget spinner locked with padlock
Couple games: write something the other doesn’t know. Man: I am sterile, woman: you’re going to be a daddy
A man was hospitalized with 6 plastic horses up his ass, the doctor described his condition as “stable”