I wonder who was the first person to look at a bee hive and think those bastards are hiding something delicious in there and I know it honey
This carrot wants to be an astronaut so badly
Dark humor is like food not everyone gets it Stalin
Wish I was as brave as my kid who ate zero bites of her dinner and asked my wife for a snack 6 minutes after the table was clear
McDonalds fries Marlboro cigarettes same shit
Who in history has ever picked up a slice of pizza like this? Ristorante Dr Oetker package
Date: I love mexican food. Me: *trying to think of something to impress her*my father is a crunch wrap supreme
Donut ice cream cones
When eating something unhealthy: if I drink a lot of water I’ll be ok
Pizzas have circular shapes are placed into square boxes and then are eaten in triangles