Thief murderer help he’s attacking me what’s wrong she misgendered me

Thief murderer help he’s attacking me what’s wrong she misgendered me

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50 comments to “Thief murderer help he’s attacking me what’s wrong she misgendered me”?

  1. this is the best comic I’ve ever seen, should do a collab with stonetoss and get the SJW’s even more butthurt lmao

  2. all the mentally ill people who are about to go commit suicide angry because gendered languages exist, so yours is puta/puto.

  3. Wow, you guys are butthurt. I don’t agree with this comic, but damn you’re all screaming and crying like it’s the end of the world. You’re Living up to the stereotype of being a snowflake right now.

  4. like the art style, content isn’t funny and send ignorant at best. maybe the artist just needs counseling but until then they shouldn’t publish

  5. Speaking of Zees, I sure am seeing a lot of Zs in here. (The joke is that this is painfully unfunny)

  6. i’m surprised people haven’t learned that at this point it’s better to use they/them if you don’t know someone’s gender… even if your religion disapproves LGBTQ it’s better to use those pronouns when you don’t know how they identify. smh

  7. boring, not funny, artist has no comedic technique or skill. dont put too many of your cards in drawing cus its not gonna work for you

  8. I mean I think it’s forgivable to make mistakes in the heat of the moment, and zee doesn’t really deserve respect, but it’s still dumb to just assume like that

  9. it’s pretty clear by this that Americans are just naturally inferior. like, what else can we take from this? the entire country is just filled with illiterate, dumb, cruel, bigoted retards with no sense of humor. it’s crazy you can get anything done since you spend all your time eating lightbulbs. I pity yanks. they truly do not have any sense of self or any understanding that they are nothing but rabid animals begging to be out down

  10. V cry more liberals, you will never be a woman crybabies and f##k r/bonehurtingjuice for being a liberal [removed]

  11. Imagine putting this much artistic effort into making the same joke that has been made millions of time.

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