Gender memes

If the “b” in LGBT stands for bisexual doesn’t that mean that there are only 2 genders? Donald Trump on twitter
Respect women? No, I respect the person, not the gender. I simply can’t respect a shitty person just because of his or her gender. Leonardo DiCaprio
Head&shoulders unnecessairly gendered product, the men’s one is cheper, then buy the one for men shampoo
Transgender when you’re playing scrabble and you cheat by making up words
There are 4 genders: male, female, mental disorder, youtube employee
Male female only 90’s kids will remember these genders
What feminists think the gender war is: hero woman vs bad businessman vs what it really is: fat woman vs family
What’s going on? I can see through you, my son told me he’s transgender, so that makes me transparent comic