Pepe the frog Minneapolis police policeman George Floyd

Pepe the frog Minneapolis police policeman George Floyd

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56 comments to “Pepe the frog Minneapolis police policeman George Floyd”?

  1. I clap for this man before us who is resting his poor knees on such a black disgusting piece of filth. He deserves better than max security prison.

  2. #ALM not just the [removed]. and by the way this meme is my fav thanks for making it [removed]

  3. Ok i get that this is supposed to be “dark humor”, but this is WAY too fucked up.

  4. Oh no, they’re ruining whole country for no bloody reason, but you can’t laugh!

  5. How dare you make a joke of this issue his life was taken and you think you can make it a funny matter, shame on you

  6. Oh really? He is dead? Everyone were joking about Kim Jong Un’s death. You guys are f&#$ing hypocrites

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