If Titanic sunk in 2016: Sorry sir, women and children first. Did you just assume my gender?
Donald Trump: Hillary claims guns don’t keep us safe yet, she’s guarded by dozens of armed agents
Concerts before smartphones, concerts now: everyone recording & taking pictures
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When your bestfriend makes plans with someone else: What, I’m not good enough for you? Joey Friends
I hate taking off my glasses cause my eyes go from 1080p full HD to buffering at 240p and I just can’t handle that
Middle East: immigrants, ISIS, war, terrorism meanwhile on Snapchat: dog face
Last veteran of his World War II battle group marching alone in Victory Day parade
Tragedy World Map: how terrible is for the world when a tragedy happens in: terrible tragedy, that’s sad, well life is like this, wait does this country exist? who cares? infographic