The 21st century: a place where we live stream war while facebook prompts us to react with an emoticon Mosul CNN live
This weekend the nation with the highest incarceration rate, who maintains a secret kill list for its drone program will celebrate freedom from tyrrany witha a straight face. USA
When your girlfriend chooses the movie bored dog
Every group project The Hangover movie: one man does 99% of the work, one has no idea what’s going on, one says he’s going to help but he’s not, one diappears
Don’t be upset that the first lady told you the white house was built by slaves, be upset your textbook didn’t
This year is 2043: dad we just started learning about 2016 presidential election. Me:
How USA fights ISIS: by droping cash, how Russia fights ISIS: by dropping bombs
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Leaving your window open for an hour in the summer and then the cast of Bugs Life decide to start producing their second film