First job after graduation McDonalds
Tuesday man cleans graffiti saturday touched artist makes a tribute
Cats office GIF animation
Tinder profile: I’m an estate agent and I’ve got a rather large semi I need to get rid of. Maybe I can help you with that semi
When you’re at work checking the time and it’s 9 AM then you check 3 hours later and it’s only 9:21 AM
Fishing teamwork
I’m quitting my teaching job Monday so yesterday I decided to end the week with style kids middle finger
This is Sally’s 3rd promotion this month. I don’t know how she does it, she must be a hard worker. Red knees
What’s the salary for now? $500, but later it can go up to $1000. OK, I’ll come later then
Tour of accounting: over here we have our random number generator, nine nine, are you sure that’s random? That’s the problem with randomness, you can never be sure. Gilbert comic