Yearbook quote: The Office, season 7, episode 19 minute 14:45 should have burned this place down when I had the chance
Zlatan stay and you can shag my wife Manchester fan quote
I am not a prostitute, every person has a past. Sunny Leone, don’t worry I have 56 GB of your past
Respect women? No, I respect the person, not the gender. I simply can’t respect a shitty person just because of his or her gender. Leonardo DiCaprio
Queue is just “Q” followed by 4 silent letters, they aren’t silent they’re waiting their turn
Damnit Laura damaged car accident
Cats have 9 lives, you are not a cat, buckle up. Highway sign quote
Vodka is my valentine
Fuck the 14th I love you everyday
“I’m finally getting used to this body”. Get a pet parrot teach it to say this and only this