My girl scored a freekick against me on FIFA I ended the game and the relationship no way she learnt that on her own
On aging: up to 22 years – woo! 23 years – wait… 24 years – oh God. 25 years – please make it stop
When you open the facebook app and see photos from camera roll thinking you just posted your nudes heart attack
Useless shit in 2016: floppy disks, payphones, VCR’s, disposable cameras, FBI
Man pretending to have shaved his beard middle finger
Writing device drivers with Javascript, good luck with that. O’Reilly book
The guy who wrote this is gone, it’s running everywhere, no comments, no documentation, but 20 tickets. O’Rly book
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First woman on the moon: Houson we have a problem. What? Never mind, nothing I’m fine