If you can not afford a lawyer one will be appointed to you if you cannot afford a doctor lol tough shit bro USA United States of America
Doctor: any drugs or alcohol? Guy: no but I use Linux. Doctor: wow ok, so no sexual activity either
Linux sysadmin walks into a pharmacy: ephedrine. I can’t serve you that. Sudoephedrine, there you go
Doc: you have a spinal injury here. Man: wtf, put that back in my body
14 year olds captioning selfies with “I took a pill in Ibiza”, no Elizabeth you took a paracetamol in Spain because you had heartstroke behave
Vaccines cause adults protester sign
How daltonists see things examples
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Probiotic vs antibiotic
Beating heart 3D polygons GIF animation
I wish we could donate body fat to those in need