A photographer took pictures of people before and after she called them beautiful cute dog
Crypto nerds imagination: his laptop is encrypted, our evil plan is foiled. What would actully happen: drug him and hit him until he tells us the password
Everytime they talk about men and women in love they assume that. This is the truth: only women think about love men just love, they don’t think
F1 drivers before 5 beers, after 5 beers comparison
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There’s two types of men: peeing quiet or loud
Who wore it better? Lightsaber – Qui-Gon Jinn or Han Solo? Liam Neeson or Harrison Ford?
Bill Clinton looking like Ahmed the dead terrorist
Kinder suprise, tinder suprise baby pregnancy
Be careful who you call ugly in middle school. Rock final sculpture
We must go forward to a better happier future. We must get back to simpler happier times