You say islam is violent? I will kill you! muslim meme

You say islam is violent? I will kill you! muslim meme

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  1. islam doest support any terrorism facts and as a muslim WE dont accept them as a muslim they are deviant in our eyes.
    islam doesnt say dont do wars. but dont attack civilians and dont get anybodys cities necessary. i saw too much wrong memes about islam. so that doesnt means i hate all religions non muslim :D our religion says to us invite them. if they rejects dont continue more. so thats my choices. your choices. everyones choices. nobodys religion says do violence or genocoide. and also someone thought only muskim people comes from arabia :D no no no there are too many islamic countries. not terrorists and lets you pray with what are you believing. i saw a news a copule months later about UK.. they find a book about 1000 years old :) woa
    so i saw the comment section and they all started making jokes like every time :D so someones said i thought it could be from arabias closes places. but in history we started to Spreading Islam to other countries.. so they can accept or reject us. thats why they found a 1000 years old book :D thank you if you readed my long af comment XD have a nice day.

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