Wearing a mask IQ depending on how you wear it

Wearing a mask IQ depending on how you wear it

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  1. ah yes, the “>120 IQ” is the smartest knowing that (assuming if he In-depth research in webs like this: worldwidescience) this virus, if u catch it, your brain will become slower for a long time, also u don’t know if your family can d¡e of this… my dad was just 53 with good health and when he cath cov¡d, he just can’t beat it, i’m 17 years old and i’ve not any comorbidity and i’d heavy symptoms like fever, coughing and torax pressure… and recovering to that represents a medical, expense.
    If you live in Peru, u can see the excess mortality, in Guayaquil of 1% of populations has gone! and in Peru, there’s a system that register any dead called “Sinadef” that before the pandemic registered average 300 daily deaths but in 2020-1, this was from 300 to 1000 in the first wave and in the 2nd wave it was from 320 to 1100 daily deaths, considering that our official goverment only reported 200 daily deaths, means that they don’t want to make fear on population (like many conspiracy people tought) and i invite u to see this on: ourworldindata. and here we’re 33.000.000 and with C0VID estimated death toll from “sinadef” it reaches to 211.000, for now, it represents 0,6%but in the capital, Lima, we are 9.000.000
    and here only died 100 per day, and now 500 daily deaths, at the moment we have 101.000 deaths, and that represents 1,1% (almost 1 of every 100) of population that have gone only for this disease and it will continue increasing! And no i’m not c0r0na panic, i’m basing from verifiable facts (thelancet)
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