USA meme polandball Iraq Afghanistan intervention

USA meme polandball Iraq Afghanistan intervention

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2 comments to “USA meme polandball Iraq Afghanistan intervention”?

  1. for the most part, this is a solid meme (if not a bit inaccurate), but the arms need to be removed. There are a few Polandball rules, most of which are being followed.
    1. No circle tool or line tool.
    2. Draw the flags.
    3. Eyes always need to be white circles with a black outline.
    4. No eyebrows, hair, limbs, ears, most human features.
    4 is where this fails, although only slightly. You could make the last part 3 parts instead of two, the first part being the US seeing the paper airplane, the second being the US picking it up, and the last being the same as the last one here (except without the arms).

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