Officer I can’t breathe George Floyd cartoon meme

Officer I can’t breathe George Floyd cartoon meme

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39 comments to “Officer I can’t breathe George Floyd cartoon meme”?

  1. George Floyd was ugly as fu#k and he was a piece of s#it. That poor woman he held at gunpoint when she was pregnant must be traumatized. She’s probably disgusted to see that pig get so much honor.

  2. George Floyd was a great person, I promise! Black people can’t be bad people! He didn’t mean to point a gun at that pregnant woman’s stomach! He was being possessed by a white supremacist demon! The demon was trying to make him look bad!

  3. Let’s make a hero out of George Floyd! I want my kids to be like him and shoot pregnant women!

  4. He looks just like George Floyd, but that’s not difficult since all black people look the same.

  5. Bruh this is that good shit this is acctually so funy but everyone thinks its racst f&#k off lol

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