Muslim memes

Stereotyping people because of their religion is not nice, whether they be a Christian, a Jew or a terrorist Muslim
Blaming all muslims for terrorists or all gun owners for murders is like blaming all musicians for Kanye West
A muslim walks into a gay bar and says “shots for everyone” Orlando shootings
Liberal logic: only black, muslim, asian people in the picture – OK. Only white people – needs diversity
UK / Sweden / Japan / South Korea muslim immigrants unemployment comparison. The japanese are so racist, whatever
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This is Hasan, he was born in Sweden. Hasan is Swedish muslim. This is Misho, he was born in an aquarium. Misho is a fish hamster comparison trolling
A photographer took pictures of people before and after he shouted Allahu Akbar: Trump, Putin, Obama, Merkel, Pope Francis, Farage
I regret that I have but five lives to give for my country muslim terrorist