Muslim memes

What would happen if we hit this thing with a missle? All the muslims would spin around on their prayer mats like a broken compass. The Kaaba Black Stone Mecca 4chan
Life hack: how to get stoned with no weed. Muslim girls kissing each other
Muslim woman when you get arrested and the cop says you have the right to remain silent but you’re happy because finally you have right
The “moderate” side of Islam graph muslims: wife should obey husband, Sharia should rule, death for adultery, death for leaving islam
What my husband and I do in bed is our business. Kid little girl quote
Muslim woman bringing home the bacon bag when you’ve been in the country for 10 years but still can’t read
Japan society vs Europe European society 2000, 2010, 2020 robots vs muslim immigrants
Typical catholic, typical muslim, typical atheist – science vs religion