How hard can it be roundabout

How hard can it be roundabout

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8 comments to “How hard can it be roundabout”?

  1. Outer lane only if you leave at the first exit. Blue car belongs to the inner lane too. Of course ppl has no idea about it in my country, they all wait 5 minutes to circulate on the perimeter, while inner lines all empty and covered with thick dust :D

  2. They introduce accidents by adding the innermost lane I think. causes people to change lanes when it isnt necessary.

    I only see value in that it could allow some traffic to continue if one of the exit roads was b’ocked.

  3. Right-hand lane for right and straight on.
    Left hand lane for anything past straight on.
    Priority belongs to vehicles entering and on the roundabout to your left.

    As a Brit the only difficulty is writing the above in reverse for those who drive on the wrong side of the road ; )

  4. We call them rotaries here in northeast US and this is a perfect example of how to navigate them.

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