Gretard Greta Thunberg retard

Gretard Greta Thunberg retard

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10 comments to “Gretard Greta Thunberg retard”?

  1. Shut the **** up. This is terrible! Horrible! GRETA THUNBERG CANNOT CONTROL THE FACT SHE WAS BORN AUTISTIC, NOT RETARDED, AUTISTIC, U *****!!! I’ve been called a retard for being autistic and having ADHD, and it hurts. Greta Thunberg is NOT a RETARD!!!
    How would u like it if u were called a retard 24/7? Hmm? Try thinking and putting ur last braincells together to see that THIS IS WRONG!!! GRETA THUNBERG CANNOT CONTROL THE DISORDERS SHE WAS BORN WITH! NO ONE WITH A DISORDER OR DISABILITY CAN!!!

  2. Excuse me but Greta should never be called a retard. Just because you don’t agree with her doesn’t mean you have the right to abuse her. By the way, climate change is real. In fact I wish for this sight to be closed as it is congregating rudeness against somebody who is telling the truth. I believe that people should express there ideas, but not in the way where it’s rude.

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