George Floyd I can breath photoshopped poster

George Floyd I can breath photoshopped poster

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11 comments to “George Floyd I can breath photoshopped poster”?

  1. Robbing people’s houses and threatening their lives sounds pretty heroic to me!

  2. Oh sure, he was innocent, that meme is just rightist propaganda… *sarcasm*

    George was a criminal and was trying to avoid arrest by overdosing on drugs.

  3. This is sure to make these alt left lunatics really mad. At least this accurately shows one of his many convictions that he actually did. Fu*k that stupid piece of sh*t.

  4. Brilliant ! Just shows the truth to the blinded brainless sheep that believe in everything they see and hear. The piece of s*it he was. Fu*k george floyd !

  5. This is the worst gif ever!! I swear! how can someone be so cruel?? George Floyd would never do that and George Floyd was not bad! so please if you make any other gifs please make them better and more inspirational thanks!

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