Donald Trump Time cover traitor of the year

Donald Trump Time cover traitor of the year

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10 comments to “Donald Trump Time cover traitor of the year”?

  1. excellent won’t be long now. I know more about taxes than any human being. Next it’s just a company car, just paying for grandchildren’s tuition. Does anyone know (if that is tax fraud? yes it is and we ALL know), but you’re the expert so that means mens rea and you’re guilty. you signed all the checks, you signed the tax returns (or instructed someone to do it for you). guilty, guilty, guilty. traitor of the year.

  2. Ha ha ha – best one yet… by far… I saw this behind Jim Acosta today and had to look it up… sadly not a genuine Time Cover, but after he is indicted- maybe.

  3. Whoever made this meme is a disgusting pig. Maybe you should read about the actual traitor OBAMA. Don’t believe me, there is actual proof unlike all the bullshit you lying bastards try to spread. Obama sold Americans out and then smiled about it. He is the worst president in our history. Thank god WE WILL HAVE TRUMP FOR 4 MORE YEARS. Hopefully he can finish cleaning up the disaster Obama administration and the corrupt left have started. You want to live in a socialist society then GTFO.
    Please note: i could care less if you post this. Ill never be back on this waste of space site.