Crying before sleep

Crying before sleep

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  1. So, get away
    Another way to feel what you didn’t want yourself to know
    And let yourself go
    You know you didn’t lose your self-control
    Let’s start at the rainbow
    Turn away
    Another way to be where you didn’t want yourself to go
    Let yourself go
    Is that a compromise?
    So, what do you wanna do, what’s your point-of-view?
    There’s a party soon, do you wanna go?
    A handshake with you, what’s your point-of-view?
    I’m on top of you, I don’t wanna go
    ‘Cause I really wanna stay at your house
    And I hopŠµ this works out
    But you know how much you broke me apart
    I’m done with you, I’m ignoring you
    I don’t wanna know

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