Mick Fanning champagne fail Medina France podium 2013
International DJing 2015 airport pendrive luggage
1965: I bet there will be flying cars and a cure for cancer in the future. Meanwhile in 2017: Apple showing animated emoji iPhone X
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Elon Musk 1999: I design financial websites, 2017: I design whatever the fck I want badass
How to listen to music from iPhone 7 while charging it from MacBook Pro 2016 need 3 dongles
Hiroshima Detroit 1945-2015 comparison: it’s easier to bounce back from a nuclear holocaust than endure six decades of ngrs
RIP Gendry boat memes 2013-2017 Game of Thrones
Himalayan sea salt we just got says it was created 250 million years ago. Label says exp date is 2016, guess they dug it up just in time!