Barack Obama January 20th 2017 White House closed doors trolling animation fail
Forrest Gump getting a medal in 1968 Tom Hanks getting a medal from Obama in 2016
USA elections Star Wars: 1988 The Phantom Menace, 1992 Attack of the Clones, 2000 Revenge of the Sith, 2008 a New Hope, 2016 Empire Strikes Back 2020 Return of the Jedi
Francis Underwood 2016 campaign poster Anything for America House of Cards
Malaysia Airlines lose yourself this summer
This year is 2043: dad we just started learning about 2016 presidential election. Me:
Pray for… I’m starting to think it doesn’t work Nigeria, London, Bagdad, Dallas, Ankara, Orlando, Brussels, Nice
Moving to Canada? We can sell your home Donald Trump Hillary Clinton billboard