Middle East: immigrants, ISIS, war, terrorism meanwhile on Snapchat: dog face
This is Hasan, he was born in Sweden. Hasan is Swedish muslim. This is Misho, he was born in an aquarium. Misho is a fish hamster comparison trolling
I’m the stealthiest plane ever made, oh please Malaysia Air flight 370
Batman vs Superman critics score: 32% percent, audience score 79% percent. Critics vs fans: Dawn of a franchise, on of you is lying to me
Jobs / education: Captain America Ironman comparison
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There are two types of guys: it’s kind of cold, well here take my jacket, I love you. I’m cold too, well damn Jackie I can’t control the weather
Country taboo topic: USA 9/11, France Paris attacks, Germany WW2, Greece economic crisis, Brazil 7:1 football score
Summer 2016 in Europe: France, Germany, Belgium, Poland comparison armed troops on the streets