Crane truck car lake fail
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A fat woman walked into the shoe store today, she was so fat she had three smaller women orbiting around her. Al Bundy
You know when someone catches you off guard and you say hello in a weird way and you replay it in your head for the rest of your life
The owners unleashed this dog when their house caught fire then ran out but the dog went back in to save the kitten
Husband spends 2 years planting thousands of scented flowers for his blind wife to smell and get her out of depression Japan
ZOO celebrates birthday of giant stag beetle party
Pokemon GO: man quits job to become full-time Pokemon hunter. The Guardian
I’ve been posting my letters in the dog poo box for two years. Old man fail press newspaper
Man goes back into fire to rescue beer TV interview
Khaleesi commands him to find the cure, he invents T-virus instead Sir Jorah Game of Thrones